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دانشکده مهندسي مواد
دانشگاه صنعتي اصفهان
» سمينار علمي «
سخنران: Prof. Robert Hill
Dental Physical Sciences Barts and The London Medical School, Queen Mary University of London.
93 ساعت 2 بعدازظهر /7/ زمان: سهشنبه 8
مکان: سالن سمينار دانشکده مهندسي مواد - دانشگاه صنعتي اصفهان
This lecture will outline the design and development of bioactive glasses for bone grafts and scaffolds emphasizing glasses that release strontium for up regulation of osteoblasts and down regulation of osteoclasts. Specifically two products will be discussed Stronbone® a granular bone graft based on the well known 45S5 composition but with strontium substituted partially for calcium. The data presented will include a clinical case study of the use of this material to fill alveolar sockets and the resulting histology and X-ray microtomography of trevined cores, taken prior to the placement of an intra osseous dental implant. The second material discussed will be porous strontium containing scaffold material Stronbone P® implanted into the ovine femur.
Time permitting the development of in situ setting bioactive glass based calcium phosphate cement will be outlined.
Prof. Robert Hill is the chair of Dental Physical Sciences, Barts and the London Medical School, at Queen Mary University of London. He was also professor of biomaterials at department of tissue engineering, Imperial College of London during 1999-2009. He received his PhD from Imperial College in 1984. His research interests are bone cements and scaffolds, dental fillings, phase separation, spinodal decomposition, glass-ceramics, apatite glass structures and bioactive glass toothpastes. He published over 300 original papers, patents and conference papers on the above subjects. He is the recipient of the several awards including Queens award for technological achievement (1987), Royal society media fellowship (1991), University of limerick research prize (1996), Amourer and Brasiers venture award (2013) and Alan Wilson memorial prize (2013). He could also successfully develop several cement, machinable glass-ceramics and toothpastes which some of them currently have FDA and MDA approval and are in clinical use.

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